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Cookie Policy

By continuing to use this website without disabling cookies, you consent to the use of cookies as detailed below. If you wish to delete all cookies from this domain and to be diverted away from this site then click on the Delete Cookies button below.

Why Am I Seeing The Opt In Banner ?

From the 26th May 2012, the EU ePrivacy Directive will be enforced across Europe.
This means all websites in an EU country must give the user an informed overview of the cookies used on the site. They must also obtain acceptance from European users before using cookies or other technologies to capture or track online visitor information. This sort of declaration is seen on all reputable websites such as the BBC. If you click to accept, you will not see this banner again on this site unless you clear your cache (history).

What Are Cookies ?

Cookies are needed for modern websites to function - if cookies are disabled all communication is anonymous - meaning interaction is made impossible. Websites communicate with many browsers at the same time, without cookies, they are unable to track which connection or user is which without 'labelling' the client browser. To overcome this the server gives the browser a 'cookie' which allows the server (or servers) to identify different, individual users and to keep track of what the user is doing.

Cookies are small text files containing anonymous information such as a unique identifying code that a website can place on visitors' computer when a page is loaded. When a different webpage is clicked on, the server looks for the cookie, and is able to uniquely identify the session and browser from others and serve content and information specific to that user.

Cookie technology underpins basic web site usage - If you don't have cookies, everytime you click on a new page, the website will think you are a newly arrived user and if you are on a secure site you will have to enter your details on every page because the website will not be able to remember you!

Cookies can either exist for the duration of a visit (session) or can be stored to retain information for further visits or usage on other sites (persistent). Since their invention in 1995 Cookie usage has evolved to provide a variety of functionality and enhancements.

To find out more about cookies and the new 'cookie law' Click Here

How do we use Cookies ?

Essential First Party Session Cookies - Session cookies only exist for the time you are on the site and are deleted at the end of each visit. These cookies are necessary to enable you to navigate around the site, enable you to add items to a shopping basket and to provide certain basic features. To improve performance we use many servers to allow more connections, we use session cookies so that your browser does not have to wait for a specific server, and they can all identify your session. We also use a cookie that tracks how the website is used, what products and content is trending to help us to improve the service, performance and layout of our website to provide you with a better user experience. The website will not function without these non invasive cookies, but you can remove them from your machine by clicking on 'leave' on the cookie banner.

Essential First Party Persistent Cookies - Persistent cookies are cookies that are saved on your machine for further use. If you click on accept cookies - a cookie is saved to prevent the opt in banner from showing. The only other persistent cookies we use are to identify customers that have an account with us, and are only used to aid performance in storing logon details to pre fill in forms and speed up form filling and to help the system know who is logged on and to securely fetch any saved shopping baskets.

Third Party Tracking Cookies - We use the industry standard google analytics cookies to enable us to take advantage of the industry standard google analytics tools. The information is completely anonymous but provides us with information such as how our website was found and what pages were visited and provides us anonymous statistics of how our site is used to help us market our services and provide you with a better and more relevant experience. You can disable these cookies at anytime using this link.

Other Third Party Cookies - On some pages we offer the ability to use links to social network sites such as 'liking' pages on Facebook. This site does not distribute cookies on their behalf, but by clicking on these links, you are connecting with their websites - which may or may not involve the saving of cookies or tracking of usage. If you do not wish to download their cookies - do not click 'start' or 'play'. You can view the respective policies of these sites below :
To increase the user experience, we sometimes embed web content from websites such as flickr and YouTube. Pages with this embedded content may present cookies from these websites. We do not control the dissemination of these cookies, and this tool will not block cookies from those websites. If you do not wish to download their cookies - do not click 'start' or 'play'. You should check the relevant third party website for more information about these.

Our Cookies

Essential First Party Session Cookies -
  • ASP.NET_SessionId - standard session cookie for anonymous identification, navigation and increased response time by allowing several servers to be able to respond to user requests.
  • USER - anonymous local tracker to identify site usage and provide statistics
Essential First Party Persistent Cookies - Note - these cookies are only ever distributed to registered users and administrators of the site - and are only in place to reduce form filling, and to improve performance when logged on.
  • AcceptedCookiePolicy - cookie to show that the users computer has accepted cookies from our site and is only used to stop the banner from being shown.
  • _CommerceCloudLastEmail - registered users email identifier - allows the server to pre-fill forms with non confidential stored details.
  • _CommerceCloudLastDomain - registered site administrators domain identifier - required for administrative access to site owner area.
Third Party Tracking Cookies - Although we do not disseminate these cookies, they are likely to be already on your machine - they can be identified by having the following stems:
  • __utma
  • __utmb
  • __utmc
  • __utmu
  • __utmv
  • __utmz
To delete the first party cookies described above, and to be diverted away from this site click on the Delete cokkies button.

Management Of Cookies

You can manage your cookies by changing the settings in your browser. This is a good way to take control yourself but remember it will change your settings for all sites.

If any of the links are out of date you should be able to find updated links here.

What we do not do

We do not track customer habits such that third parties can identify or market to them. Neither do we collect any information and sell or share with any third party except where required to by law (e.g. on request by government bodies and law enforcement agencies).

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