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The proof of concept SkyLight Project has created a fully functional window based web desktop or web operating system (WebOS) written using only JavaScript. The code is compatible with the latest versions of all of the major browsers. Supporting a remote server based file system and using the latest Ajax techniques the SkyLight Project is a demonstration of the future potential of browser based applications. The SkyLight Project is powered by the Cheiron Advanced JavaScript Libraries. Using the complete suite of standard controls ranging from text boxes and html editors all the way to color pickers and file save dialogs the project demonstrates the libraries potential.
You can create a free account and experience the power of the Cheiron Libraries used in the SkyLight Poject for FREE by signing up for the proof of concept. You can download the source for SkyLight from the Cheiron website along with all the applications and even write your own using the Cheiron Online Integrated Development Environment (IDE). 
The SkyLight Project uses our own Ajax and JavaScript control library named Cheiron which has been in development for the last four years. Tested and tried in several major projects the Cheiron libraries have been brought together and further enhanced to provide this highly responsive JavaScript operating platform. All the Ajax Appliactions or Ajaxlets that are on show within the SkyLight Project are written using this library.
A proof of concept version has now been released including a fully functional word processor, spread sheet, paint program, file browser and application development studio. This demonstration is now open to all members of the general public via the proof of concept program. Over the next few weeks this site will be updated with screenshots and videos demonstrating the power and performance of the system. We aim to show not only that this is possible but that it represents a step forward in the way we use our applications.
The client side code is written entirely in JavaScript with no use of flash or any other browser plugins. Each Ajaxlet and all controls are individual JavaScript files loaded on demand. The server side code, handling the remote file system and other functionality, is currently written in C#.


First a fully playable Real Time Strategy Engine written only using JavaScript and HTML5 with the Cheiron libraries.

Includes animation, effects, sounds, building, attacking, structures, multiple factions and large maps.

A full editing suite for creating your own RTS games and maps in Javascript is also available! Play the demo level now using the link below.

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