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SkyLight JavaScript Operating System
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Proof of Concept
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The Proof of Concept version of SkyLight is currently open to new users. The sign up process is now open and new accounts can be created using the Create Account option at If you have already signed up for the beta but not received your invite please contact us at Also please make sure that beta@skylightproject.comis added to your allowed senders list.
UPDATED: New Development Studio
A new improved stand-alone version of the SkyLight Development studio has been created and is available now. You can start developing stand-alone JavaScript applications using the same libraries used to write the SkyLight Project. You don't need an account and the online integrated development environment will pacakage your application into one zip file, including theme and script library, with a single click!
Proof of Concept Version Features 
The currently open beta features the following application functionality for the initial test phase. This covers basic file manipulation and simple day to day use of the applications.

 - Word Processor

 - Spreadsheet

 - Photo Editor

 - Application Development Studio

 - File Browser (Upload/Download/Explore)

 - Application Launcher

 - Desktop Settings

 - Control Library 


UPDATE: We've delayed the proof of concept release, though some may have noticed some new features have been added in preparation. This is because we now plan to release the Javascript libraries to the development community under a FREE for non-commercial use license to coincide with the new features. This will include the full source code to the SkyLight sample OS and all of the provided applications!


UPDATED: Proof of Concept Road Map Features (Planned Release March 31st 2011)

The second phase of the beta, the proof of concept, is planned to add significant functionality to the existing applications and a whole suite of new applications and featrures.

 - Improvments to Word Procesor (General)

 - Improvements to Spreadsheet (Including Graphs)

 - Improvements to Photo Editor (General)

 - Drives added to Remote File System (Sharing Facilities)

 - Improvements to Development Studio (Control Development, Extensions and Inbuilt Events Support)

 - Desktop Improvements

 - POP3/SMTP Mail Client

 - Messenger Services

 - Application Store

 - Additional Themes

 - Cloud Database (Application Development Support)


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