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The SkyLight platform is built on the following technologies brought together to provide the full range of features needed within a browser based operating system. Using the strengths of each individual technology in their optimum places. The client side system is written fully in JavaSript no special plugins or flash has been used.

  • JavaScript
  • Ajax/Cheiron
  • JSON (JavaScript Object Notation)
  • Xml
  • JavaScript Inheritance
  • JavaScript Extensions
  • ASP.NET (C#)
  • ASP.NET Themes/CSS

    You can even create your own SkyLight applications right from you SkyLight desktop using the SkyLight Development Studio. Everything is written in JavaScript so no specialist language knowledge is required. You can use the designer to layout your forms and quickly edit the code behind them. You can even test your applications in the Development Studio either inside the SkyLight proof of concept or as part of a standalone JavaScript web site. 

    For more information on developing your own applications, using the technology used in the SkyLight Project, see the Cheiron Javascript web site or just jump straight in and start developing now.


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